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What Is WIFI?
WIFI stands for WIRELESS FIDELITY. In simple non-jargon terms is a method of connecting your portable device such as a laptop, tablet computer or mobile phone to a computer network without the use of cables. When connected to a WIFI network at your home and business you will be able to access the Internet and other computers on the same network.

The benefits of using WIFI include:

  • No interconnecting cables throughout your premises
  • Freedom to roam around your house without cables
  • You are not restricted to working at a desk
  • You could move your computer to other rooms in the house
  • You could even use your computer in your backyard or in bed!          

Your modem will need to be equipped with WIFI to be able to receive WIFI on your WIFI compatible laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What is the WIFI range?
The WIFI range depends on a couple of factors:

  • Modem WIFI type
  • Physical boundaries such as walls
  • Interference from other radio devices at the premises.

How do I improve my WIFI speed and range?
Better Telecom modems use WIRELESS N Technology. Wireless N technology has a range of up to 60 metres and a connection speed of up to 300mbps.

If you are using any other type you WIRELESS technology you will find the distance the WIFI can travel is shorter and the connection speed will be slower.

If you are using a modem that has built in WIFI and is over two years old, you may find it is using technology that has a shorter range and slower speed. If you want to improve your WIFI connection you should upgrade your modem to a newer modem supplied by Better Telecom.

How do I secure my WIFI?
You need to secure your modem WIFI access a password. If you leave your WIFI access open with no password:

  • anyone could log into your computer network
  • access your internet for free
  • access your personal data
  • monitor your internet access
  • infect your computer with viruses
  • slow down your internet speed

You can easily secure your WIFI access by purchasing a Pre-configured Plug & Play modem from Better Telecom.