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NEW for 2013 Better Telecom is pleased to announce the launch of it’s very own Business Grade VOIP/SIP trunk service!

What is a VOIP/SIP Trunk?

A VOIP/SIP trunk is the latest technology that is used to connect a telephone system with the Australian telephone network without the need to install telephone lines. Your phone system will connect to the Australian telephone network via your office Internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

What are the benefits of using a VOIP/SIP Trunk service?

Old system:

Let’s pretend you were connecting a standard 4-person office with phones and an Internet connection. The costs involved would be as follows:
• 4 X Telephone Line Installations $59-$299 per line
• 4 X Telephone Line rentals $29 - $44.00 per month, per line
• Internet Connection $89 per month
• Total maximum cost in first month: $1101

Using SIP/Voip Trunks:
If your phone system were connected via VOIP/SIP Trunks your expenses would be:
• 1 X Telephone Line Installations $59-$299 per line
• Internet Connection $89 per month
• VOIP/SIP Trunk $5 per month
• Total maximum cost in first month: $393

That’s a total saving of $708 in your first month!

What are the other benefits of Better Telecom VOIP/SIP trunks?

With Better Telecom VOIP/SIP trunks:
• There is NO LIMIT on how many calls you can make/receive.
• You can keep your existing telephone number.
• Business Grade VOIP/SIP trunk quality.
• You can port any number on the Australian network regardless of location.
• Installation of physical phone lines is not required
• You only need your Internet connection.

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