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Would you like to double your ADSL Internet speed?
Are you frustrated with your business Internet speed?
Are staff members hogging your existing Internet service?
Is your Internet speed affecting your office productivity?

We know many Australians have been waiting a long time for the National Broadband Network (NBN) to be upgraded in their local business area.

For most business operators this could be at least another 2-5 years away!

You can’t wait that long! You need fast Broadband Internet NOW!

Better Telecom has developed a special Internet TURBO BOOST service that is designed to double your Internet speeds beyond your current experience.

Key Features of this service include:
✓ Double Internet Speeds to your office
✓ Uses ADSL Broadband networks
✓ Low set up costs
✓ Low monthly running costs
✓ Increase Office Productivity
✓ Redundancy failover options during outages

Why wait if you could increase your existing service speeds now?

But I have tried looking for other Internet options before. What is different about your service?

Our service is proven with existing Better Telecom customers who are very satisfied with the results. Better Telecom are thinking outside the box where other Internet service providers have not explored.

BetterTelecom : Turbo Boost How It Works BetterTelecom : Turbo Boost How It Works