Determining Usage Requirements

Determining Usage Requirements

Determining Usage Requirements

Determining Usage Requirements

This guide is designed to help you work out what mobile plan is required to suit your needs. 

There are two main areas you should be checking:

    •  Monthly Call Usage
    •  Monthly Data Usage

1) Monthly Mobile Call Usage Requirements
Your monthly call usage requirements can be calculated by the average number of two minute calls you make in a month. The following table shows how many two minute calls can be made every month on each mobile plan. 

Plan Name

Number of Two minute calls per month

Average calls per day

Mates Rates 35



Mates Rates 50



Mates Rates 60



Mates Rates 80



Mates Rates 99




As an example, if you make on average 3 calls per day from your mobile phone then the Mates Rates 35 would be suitable for your call requirements. If you make approximately 7 calls per day then the Mates Rates 50 Plan would be more suitable.


2) Monthly Mobile Data Usage Requirements
The tables below provide a guide as to how much data you may need depending on what you do on your mobile service. You should also keep in mind how you previously used data services.

Web Page Browsing and/or Accessing Email (Without Attachments)
Please note that web page browsing will vary depending on the web page you visit. More text and/or pictures on a page means more data is being used to view that page. Email size will change depending on the amount of content or attachments in the email.

How often would you do this?

Data Estimation

Once every few days at most

About 50MB

Every day, but only a few web pages or email

About 50MB

I spend a lot of the time on the web each day

About 100MB


Downloading Apps
Before downloading applications you should always check the size of the app to make sure you don’t exceed your included data limit.

How often would you download apps?

Data Estimation

Less than 5 per month

About 100MB

5-15 per month

About 300MB

More than 15 per month (though will depend on total number of apps)

About 400MB


Video Clips
Before viewing video clips you should always check the size of the clip to make sure you don’t exceed your included data limit. The longer the video clip, the larger it will be in size.

How often would you view video clips?

Data Estimation

Once every week at most

About 100MB

Once every few days

About 200MB

A couple of clips each day

About 1GB

A lot of online video

About 2GB


Better Telecom Broadband ADSL Internet connections are fully unlimited connections. They do not have any restrictions on the services for the amount of usage of data and no excess data charges or shaping of speed will occur. This makes our connections suitable for both the low level user and high level user.
Better Telecom mobile broadband connections and tablet connections have data limits and incur excess data charges. To determine the usage requirements please follow the same directions indicated in the Mobile Data section.

Landline usage requirements are easier to determine than mobile services. If you are on a landline you will normally pay a monthly access fee or line rental fee. All calls you make will be charged on top of the Monthly access fee.
Some landline plans and bundles include certain call types such as Local and Long distance. It would be advisable to select one of these plans if you make a lot of these call types.
An example of this is the TM49 home plan which includes Local Calls within the monthly $49.95 plan. Any calls made that are not Local Calls would be charged on top of the monthly access fee.

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