BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
I'm scared of Technology and Change!

Better Telecom understands the challenges that come with technology. Most customers just want to use the Internet connection and get on with their life or business instead of configuring Internet settings.

This is where Better Telecom can help you to make things easier.

Pre-configured modems
Better Telecom has a range of pre-configured modems available for purchase. When you connect your Internet connection with Better Telecom you can order the modem from our support team. The modem will be delivered to your door step with the following settings already set up:
• ADSL log in settings
• WIFI settings

Plug and Play
When you receive your modem it will be pre-configured for plug and play! All you need to do is:
• Unpack the modem
• Plug in the power
• Plug in the phone line
• Plug in your computer
The modem will auto detect the setting and log in. All you need to do is use the Internet.

WIFI Access
If you purchase a pre-configured modem from Better Telecom, we will set up your WIFI access as well. When you order your modem from Better Telecom, please supply a name for your WIFI access point and desired password.

When you receive your modem and plug it in, the only thing left to do is place the password in your laptop, mobile phone or tablet device.