BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
New Modem?

Do I need a new modem?

You can use an existing modem and switch to Better Telecom. You must make sure of two things:

• Your modem must be ADSL 2+ Compatible.
• Your modem must not be locked to your previous provider's network.

What are the benefits of upgrading my modem?
You may like to consider upgrading/replacing your modem with an updated modem. The following benefits may be gained from updating your modem:

• Improved Internet Speed
• Compatibility with ADSL 2+
• Add WIFI access to your connection
• Improved WIFI connection speed
• Improved WIFI range
• Improved WIFI security

If you are using a modem that is more than 2 years old it may be using older technology. By replacing the modem with an updated model it would be using updated technology that is designed to improve and enhance your Internet connection speed.

What are the disadvantages of using a cheap quality modem?
As a general observation Better Telecom has found that non-branded modems supplied by other Internet service providers for free are cheap quality modems.
They carry the following disadvantages:

• Slow Internet speed
• Connection loss
• Internet drop outs
• Slow speed
• Downtime
• Unsecure from outside attack
• Overheating
• Loss of business
• Network locked

How do I know if my modem is network locked?
A modem may be network locked if a previous service provider supplied it for free. A network modem that is locked will not let you change the settings such as the username and password required to log into your ADSL connections.
You may also observe that the modem has the other provider's name on the case or in the graphics when you log into the administration section.

A common modem brand that Better Telecom finds is network locked is Thompson.

Why do other providers lock their modems to their network?
Other providers often lock their modems to their network to restrict the customer from leaving their service. When the customer tries to use the modem with the other provider they find that it will not function on the other provider's network connection. This is also often the reason why this modem is given away for free.