BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Mass Service Disruptions
Better Telecom is committed to delivering a high standard of service to our customers.
However, despite our best efforts, we are sometimes faced with conditions that are outside our control. Examples of such conditions include:

    •  natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, floods etc;
    •  situations where our telecommunications facilities are damaged or destroyed through no fault of Telelemates; or
    •  situations where our operations are hampered by restrictions imposed by local public authorities.

During times like these, we are often simply unable to deliver service to our customers in the timeframes that we would like to.

If we are unable to meet the performance standards set out in the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA's) Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2000 (CSG Standard), you may receive a CSG payment as specified under the CSG Standard.

These performance standards relate to the connection and repair of the Standard Telephone Service and five specified Enhanced Call Handling Features as well as to appointments associated with these activities.

However, where the conditions that cause service delays and missed appointments are outside our control, the CSG Standard allows us to claim an exemption from CSG payments while our operations return to normal. The CSG Standard also sets out notification procedures aimed at ensuring that customers are fully informed about the exemption.

Better Telecom will either issue a detailed public notice of exemption via your local papers or we will mail information directly to you. We will also provide information on the exemption to the ACMA and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) when required. Exemption from performance standards for circumstances beyond Telstra's control is fully explained in sections 22-27 of the CSG Standard.

Please visit the ACMA website if you would like to view the CSG Standard and related information. Please note as we use the Telstra network to provide fixed wire services to our clients any reported Telstra MSD also affects Better Telecom customers.