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The Better Telecom Ultra Unlimited Mobile plans have been extremely popular due to the extremely generous UNLIMITED CALLS and HIGH DATA ALLOWANCE included. In fact these plans are so popular that it has the mobile networks worried and they plan to delete these plans before the end of November!

You can still connect to these plans now and receive your special UNLIMITED CALLS and HIGH DATA ALLOWANCE on your mobile phone. If you do not connect on these plans during the month of November, you will not be able to connect it in the future!

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Plan Name
Ultra Unlimited 50
Ultra Unlimited 65
Ultra Unlimited 65
Minimum Monthly Access Fee
Monthly Included Call Usage
Unlimited Standard Calls, Standard SMS and Unlimited calls to 1300 & 1800 Numbers
Included Data usage in MB/GB
Social Networking
Unlimited Facebook & Twitter
Standard National MMS within Australia per message
50 cents
Calls to 13/1300/1800 (within Australia) per minute
Call Forwarding per minute
11 cents
11 cents
11 cents
Voicemail Deposit & Retrieval
Excess Data usage (per MB)
27.5 cents
27.5 cents
27.5 cents
Contract Length
Month to Month
Month to Month
24 months
$65 Unlimited Plan Handsets Available

Critical Information Summary

Customer Terms

  • Better Telecom Standard Terms and Conditions apply
  • All prices quoted above include GST
  • Monthly access fee charged for the month in advance
  • 24 month minimum contract term where equipment/handset is supplied. Early Termination fee of the remaining monthly access charges x 50% applies.
  • Minimum cost over 24 month period is 24 X Monthly Access Charge applicable to your service plus call usage:
         • Ultra Unlimited $65 = $1560 Plus any excess call charges
         • Ultra Unlimited $85 = $2040 Plus any excess call charges
  • Timed calls charged in 60 second increments
  • Data Allowance excess safety limit is set at $550
  • Includes Unlimited Access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Foursquare and eBay within AUstralia only.
  • See our international rate sheet for calls to overseas destinations.
  • Calls to landlines and mobiles within Australia, standard SMS, voicemail and Calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are included in the
     Monthly Included Call Usage.
  • Call forwarding, MMS, International calls, International Roaming, Calls to Special Numbers (1900), Premium SMS, Optus Zoo Services, and
     Horizon Content are not included in the Monthly Included Call Usage.
  • Any unused call usage and data allowance will be lost at the end of the month.
  • If you cancel your service mid-month the monthly access charge is non-refundable.
  • Pricing as published 01/08/2013.