BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Monthly Access Charges (Only one applies depending on the service)



ISDN 10 (10 Channels)

$340.91 Per Month

ISDN 20 (20 Channels)

$681.82 Per Month

ISDN 30 (30 Channels)

$995.45 Per Month

Local Calls and Data Calls



ISDN Local Voice Calls

5.9 cents call connection plus 3.2 cents per minute

ISDN Local  Data Calls

13.6 cents for the first 5 minutes or part thereof then 3.6 cents per minute thereafter* per 64Kbps channel

National Calls



Long Distance Calls

6c (No Connection Fee)

Mobile Calls



Calls To Mobiles (all networks)*

18 cents per minute

Optional Value Added Services:
These services are available as optional extra services should they be required.



Calling Number Display 10/20/30 (per 2 Mbit/s link)

$12.00 per month

ISDN 30 Extension Level Billing

$60.00 per month

100 Number In-dial Range

$40.00 per month

Critical Information Summary

Customer terms

    • Better Telecom Standard Terms and Conditions apply
    • All prices quoted above exclude GST
    • 12 month minimum contract term. Early Termination fee of the remaining monthly access charges applies.
    • Minimum cost over 12 month period is 12 X Monthly Access Charge applicable to your service plus call usage.
    • Timed calls charged by the minute
    • See our international rate sheet for calls to overseas destinations.
    • Calls to 1300 numbers are 35 cents per call
    • Pricing current as at 1/9/2012