BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Inbound 1300/1800/13 services
1300/1800/13 Numbers Provisioning
Charge Type Amount
New Inbound number connection Free!
Connection of Smart Number Free!
Change of answering point $25 (Per answering point change)
Simple Answering Point Set Up Free!
Time Based Routing Set Up $25 (For initial set up)
District Based Routing Set Up $175 (For initial set up)
Exchange Based Routing Set Up $850 (For initial set up)

Other Charges - Account Keeping
Charge Type Amount
Suspension $15
Un-suspension $15
Cancellation Fee $15

Porting Existing Numbers from another Service Provider
Charge Type Amount
Port Initiation $16.50 (Once Off)
Port Complete $60.50 (Once Off)

Customer terms
  • Free connection of smart number does not include Smart number auction charges.
  • Porting number charges only apply to a number which is already connected to another service provider.
  • All prices quoted above include GST