BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider

With Better Telecom Cloud phone system you can WORK ANYWHERE there is a stable Internet connection and still be connected with your same office telephone number.

The Better Telecom Cloud Phone System is installed in our special cloud data centre in Sydney. You then connect to this system by plugging the telephone into your office Internet connection.

If you have other sites all you need to do is connect another handset to the Internet connection at the new location.

Work From Home!
  • Have you ever had that day where you are sick and can’t leave the house?
  • Perhaps you may have a young child sick at home that needs care?
  • Maybe you want to be connected to the office from home before heading out to see a client?

  • With the Better Telecom Cloud Phone System you could take a handset home and still be connected to the office with the same telephone numbers.

    You can call other phone extensions in your office and make or receive calls using the same telephone number that is normally installed at your office. Your clients would not know the difference or where you are located due to the fact you are using the same telephone number.

    Multiple Site Businesses
    If you have multiple offices and/or retail shops you could install the one cloud phone system and connect handsets at each site.

    You will be able to call internally between the different locations just like you are connected in the same office. Best of all it’s FREE to call between offices!

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