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FAX2Email FAQ’s
How do I apply for this service?
Answer : Simply fill out the details in our online form and press submit.
How much is the service?
Answer : The service is $2 per month, paid yearly in advance. There are no charges for incoming call charges.
What are the call charges?
Answer : There are no call charges for this service. Just the $2 per month access fee which is
               charged yearly in advance.
How does the service work?
Answer : Better Telecom will provide you with a fax number. You provide this number to your clients to
               send you a fax. When the fax is transmitted it will be received as a PDF file attached
               to an email.
Number Allocation
Will you take over my existing fax number?
Answer : Better Telecom will not take over your existing fax number. A new fax number will be allocated.
Do I have to use my existing fax number?
Answer : No a new Fax number will be allocated to you.
Can I divert my existing fax number to your system?
Answer : Yes you can divert your existing fax number to your new Fax 2 Email service.

How do I divert my existing Fax line to this system?
Answer : To activate the diversion dial *21 <Your New Fax2Email number> #
               To cancel the diversion dial #21#
How do I divert a Fax Duet Number to this service?
Answer : If you use a normal diversion on a fax duet service you will miss your standard telephone calls as these will also transfer to the Fax2Email
               The following process should be followed for Fax Duet:
                 •  Lift the handset on your standard telephone
                 •  Dial *11*3#, wait for dial tone to return, (Important to wait)
                 •  Then dial *21 <diversion number>#
                 •  A message will read back advising your call forward features have now been activated.
What are the charges for diverting my existing fax number to your system?
Answer : If you choose to divert your existing fax number to this system the call charges will be based on your current telephone provider’s call rates.
               This will be either a local or long distance call based on the charging zones from your location to call Sydney city.
Can I divert my 1300/1800 service to this number?
Answer : Yes, You can setup a 1300/1800 service on the Fax to email system. The service charges will be as per the following pricing link: Click Here

Faxing Out
Can I fax to my clients from this service?
Answer : This service is for receiving faxes only. In the future Better Telecom will launch a separate service which will allow you to send faxes.

Contract Term
What is the contract on this service?
Answer : The service is a 12 month agreement paid yearly in advance at $24. If you cancel the service during the 12 months there will be no early
               termination fee however the remaining monthly access fees will be lost.
What happens if I do not go ahead after 30 days?
Answer : If you do not go ahead after 30 days the service will be cancelled.
How do I proceed after the 30 days?
Answer : You will need to pay the $24 annual fee to continue the service.
Can I add this service to my existing Better Telecom account?
Answer : Yes, you can add this service to your existing Better Telecom account.
Can I take the new fax number that is allocated to another provider?
Answer : No the fax number provided is connected directly to Better Telecom Fax 2 email service and cannot be moved to another service provider in the

Retaining Existing Number and Porting
Will you cancel my existing provider’s services?
Answer : No, Better Telecom will not cancel your existing provider’s services. We will provide you with a new fax number. If you choose to cancel your
               existing fax line with your provider you will need to contact them directly.
Can I port my existing number over to the Fax 2 Email Service?
Answer : Yes, Better Telecom can port your existing number over the Fax 2 Email System.
What happens to the old telephone line if I port my existing telephone line?
Answer : Your existing telephone line will be physically disconnected from the premises. You will no longer be able to use this line once it is
               disconnected at your premises. Any faxes sent to this number will be received on your email. If you have any special services attached to this
               line such as ADSL Internet services, these will be permanently lost. This will not affect any other telephone line on your premises.
What is the cost of Porting a telephone number to the Better Telecom Fax 2 Email services?
Answer : A once off port in fee of $15 will apply.

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