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Divert your Faxes to Email and Save Money and the Environment

•  Are you sick of Fax Machine Problems?
•  Running out of Ink? Wasted Paper?
•  Can't receive more than 1 fax at a time?
•  Expensive Line rentals?
•  Faxes going missing? Fax line always busy?
•  Machine Problems or poor print quality?
•  Are your faxes private?
•  Want a paper free environmentally friendly office?
•  Too many SPAM faxes wasting your paper and toner?

We have a solution for you, Fax2Email!

Better Telecom offer a dedicated number that you can divert your existing fax line to and receive
all your faxes via EMAIL!

You receive your fax via email and then only print it if required. Having a Fax2Email number
is a professional solution for your business.
You can Divert your existing fax number to
your new Fax2Email fax number so you don't need to change you existing Fax number.

Start you free trial today and after your FREE Trial you will only pay $2 a month for this service.
No Setup fees! Service paid yearly in advance after trial. No Credit Card required!

FAX2Email FAQ’s
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the following link. Click Here

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