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  • Organising Building Phone installations

  • New Business Phone Installations
    The team at Better Telecom would like to make the process of installing a phone line as easy as possible for you. As the Australian telecommunications networks have changed ownership back to the government due to the National Broadband Network, you may be confused as to who to contact to organise a connection.

    Who do I contact to complete the installation?
    You no longer need to deal with long hold times and contact with multiple operators at the larger phone companies to organise a new line installation. Please be advised all telephone installation work can be completed by contacting a Better Telecom personal account manager. The personal account manager will be your main contact that will provide advice and organise all technical work required to complete the work. This will leave you with more time for more important things in life!

    Will my line be installed faster and cheaper by contacting a larger provider?
    No your line installation costs will not be cheaper by contacting a larger provider. Better Telecom follows the same installation pricing set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority between all providers. The same technicians used by most providers are contacted directly by your Better Telecom account manager to organise the installation.

    What is the Universal Service Obligation?
    The Universal Service Obligation is a special regulation set by the Australian government that ensures all customers are treated in a fair and equitable basis. This means that whether you place an order with Better Telecom or a larger provider, your order appointment will be completed on a “first come first served basis”.

    Also due to the fact that your Better Telecom Account Manager will liaise directly with the installation team, there will be less people involved which will ensure your installation requests will be completed without unnecessary delay to your business.


  • What are the charges associated with telephone line installations?
    The pricing involved depends on the work required at the site installation. The pricing ranges between $59 to $299 per line.

    When does the cheaper $59 pricing apply?
    The installation price of $59 applies if there has been a previous working Business Telephone Service at your premises that has been cancelled and that we can automatically reconnect without a technician having to visit your premises, the local exchange or any place in between.

    When does the installation price of $299 apply?
    The pricing for line installation will be $299 if a line installation requires a technician to visit and complete the work. This includes the technician attending the telephone exchange, street cabling and customer premises.

    Does the pricing for installation change based on the length of time required for installation work?
    The pricing for installation does not change based on the length of time required by the technician. If the technician visits for 5 minute or 1 hour the installation cost will be the same. An exception to this is additional labour fee based on time would apply under special circumstances such as specialist requirements at your premises.

    The pricing breakdown is as follows:

    Connection Type
    GST Inc.
    Criteria for Charging
    Telephone line connection

    First and Additional Connections
    $59 Each Line
    A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a technician is not required to visit your property or premises.
    Telephone line connection First Connection Additional

    First Connections

    Additional Connections

    (a) New telephone line connection
    A telephone service has not previously been connected at your property or premises (although we may have previously installed installed cabling to your property or premises and you may be able to hear a soft dial tone); or

    (b) Telephone line connection with a technician visit with cabling work
    A previous telephone service existed at your property or premises and one of our technicians is required to visit your property or premises to install and/or work on the cabling.
    The service will be installed up to the main distribution frame or first socket where no main distribution frame exists.


    Who is responsible for internal cabling?

    It is important to organise the right technicians to complete the appropriate work on your premises. Any internal cabling work should be completed by a private technician such as an electrician or authorised telecommunications engineer prior to the telephone line being installed by our network technicians.
    If you are building a new new business premises you will need to have the internal telephone cabling inserted in the walls before the sheeting of the internal walls is installed.

    Will the network installer organise additional sockets throughout my business premises?
    No the network installer is only responsible for cabling work up until the the Main Distribution Frame. All cabling beyond this point will need to be completed by a private contractor.

    Who should I contact to organise additional sockets on my premises?
    If you:
      • Already have a phone line installed at your premises and
      • Require an additional socket installed in another room or
      • Relocate a socket to another section of the business premises,
    Then this should be installed by a private technician. A network technician is not authorised to perform work beyond the Main Distribution Frame of your premises.


    The network technician that performs work at your premises will only perform work up to the associated boundary point at your Business premises. Any cabling work beyond the boundary point will need to be completed by a Private Maintainer (See Internal Cabling)

    What is the Network Boundary Point?

  • The network boundary points for Business Phone Installations is the Main Distribution Frame (MDF)

    Main Distribution Frame:
    A Main Distribution Frame (MDF) is commonly found in large Commercial buildings such as office buildings and Retail Premises where multiple people occupy the premises. The cable that runs from the street into the premises terminates to a central point usually found in the basement of the building.

    All office premises within the building will have cables that run from their Office or Level and back to the Main Distribution Frame. Any cabling that needs to be installed after the MDF needs to be installed by a private maintainer. Most apartment buildings install this cabling between the MDF and each apartment at the time the building is originally constructed.

    If the cabling should be become faulty or require maintenance it will need to be fixed by a private maintainer. Sometimes the building management or body corporate will cover this cost.


    When building a brand new home you will need to have a Lead in Cable installed. This is the cable that runs between your first socket and the Telecommunications Pit at the front of your home premises.

    Who installs the lead in cable?
    The lead in cable is installed by the network technician who is organised by your Better Telecom account manager. It consists of a PVC pipe that houses and protects the telecommunications cable that runs to your premises from the street underground.

    Do I install the Lead in Cable?
    No you will only need to organise a trench to be dug ready for the Network technician to install the lead in cable. This trench can be dug by yourself or a private contractor can be organised to complete this digging for you. Most customers complete this simple work themselves organise their builder to do this whilst they are building their new home.

    What are the trench standards?
    The trench must be a minimum of 360mm deep and following the standards set out in the following document. Some locations my require a deeper trench in rural locations. Click Here...

    What are the steps for installation?
    Customer digs the trench on the premises & organises the internal cabling on the premises. Customer places new line installation request with Better Telecom and advises Lead in trench is ready. Better Telecom organises an appointment for the network technician to perform the installation work. The installation work is completed by the network technician and the lead in cable is connected to the internal wiring on the premises. Customer covers the lead in trench back up again.

  • In-place Connections

    What is an In-place Connection?
    An in-place connection is a connection of a telephone line at a new site where a previous working telephone service can be re-activated without the need to install a new telephone line.

    What is the cost of an In-place Connection?
    If the service can be re-activated from the telephone exchange without a technician in attendance then the cost of phone line installation is $59 per line. If a technician is required to attend the premises, street cabling or exchange then the cost is up to $299 per line.

    Is an In-place check a guarantee that I will receive a cheaper line connection price?
    No it is not a guarantee that you will obtain a cheaper line connection. The pricing depends on the work required by the network to complete the installation at your location.


  • Can Better Telecom relocate an existing telephone line?

    Better Telecom can assist you to relocate an existing telephone line to a new location. You do not need to contact a major network provider to organise this work. Better Telecom can assign a personal account manager to your relocation project to assist you directly to organise the necessary work.

    Can I keep my same telephone number?
    If your new location is on the same telephone exchange as your existing location, then you will be able to keep the same number. If you are relocating to a new location that is on a different telephone exchange you will not be able to keep the same telephone number.

    How can I determine if I can keep the same telephone numbers?
    You can determine if you can keep the same telephone numbers by contacting Better Telecom customer service on 131501 and providing your new location address. An assessment will be made of the new location to determine it is on the same exchange.

    What are the charges for relocating a service?

    The charges for relocating a service are the same as a new installation. Please see the details in the Charges tab.

    What happens if I can not keep my same telephone number?
    If you are unable to keep the same telephone number at the new location, a new telephone number will be provided. You can organise to redirect calls that are received on your old number to the new location.

    What are the charges for Number Redirection?
    The charges for number redirection are as follows:

    Number Redirection-ongoing

    $ 24.95/month

    Number Redirection-3 month Pre-paid

    $ 33 Upfront

    Number Redirection-6 month Pre-paid

    $ 66 Upfront

    Number Redirection-12 month Pre-paid

    $ 130 Upfront

    Call charges also apply based the type of call that the service is diverted e.g. Local Call or Long Distance Call if diverted to another landline. You can also select voice announcement only that will advise any caller of the new number instead of diverting the call. If you select voice announcement only then you will only be charged a monthly Number Redirection fee with no additional call redirection charges.

    If you select the pre-paid option the service will automatically disconnect at the end of the pre-paid term.