BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider
Fixed Wire Rates PSTN Better Telecom Fixed Wire Rates (PSTN) Home Service
Plan Name Better Telecom HOME - Free Line Rental!
Monthly Access Fee $59~ $99~
Monthly Included Value Up to $59# of local, national and calls to mobiles. Up to $150# of local, national and calls to mobiles.
Local Calls 20c
Calls to Mobile (per minute)^ 37c
$2.50 call cap for 20 mins.
National Calls (per minute)^ 24¢ weekday
16¢ weekend
$2.50 call cap for 20 mins
International Calls^ Please see Better Telecom website for current rates
Can only be attached to Residential Line rental
This offer is a per line plan and additional lines attract additional monthly access charges. Additional Fax Duet lines are only $6 per month
Only includes Calls and Residential Line Rental. Additional services such as Voice Mail, Phone Rental and Caller ID are charged on top.

Customer Terms
Monthly Access Fee of $59 and $99 is charged for the month in advance. ^ A 39c connection fee applies per phone call. Connection fees are included in call caps. # Any unused included value each month is forfeited. Normal charges apply after the included value is reached. International, 1300 and other call types are excluded from call allowance. ~3 month agreement. A $149 cancellation fee per line applies if you cancel either your local or long distance service within the initial 3 month agreement period. All timed calls are charged in 30 second increments.
All rates current as at 01/05/09

Minimum cost over 3 months for the basic service without excess call usage and other services is $177 on the $59 and $197 on the $99 plan.