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Fixed Wire Rates PSTN teleMates Fixed Wire Rates (PSTN) VIB – SPECIAL OFFER – Limited! The teleMates Fixed Wire rates refer to any charges incurred for a standard PSTN telephone line connection. A PSTN line is the regular telephone line service found in most homes and business in Australia. The rates are as follows:
Local Calls and Monthly Rental
Services Price
Local Calls

17.5 cents per call

Local Data Calls+ 17.5 cents per call
Business Line Rental $39.95
Residential Line Rental $30.35
National Calls
Services Price
Long Distance Calls 17.5 cents for 30 minutes then 17.5 cents per minute
Mobile Calls
Services Price
Calls To Mobiles (all networks)* 29 cents per minute
International Calls
Services Price
International Call* Please see our International Rates
Customer terms • teleMates Terms and Conditions are available here
• All prices quoted above include GST
• No minimum contract term unless otherwise stated
• Business line rental is not charged if the service is registered as a residential service.
• Different Local Call and Line Rental charges apply for ISDN services.
• All timed calls charged in 30 second increments
• * Call connection fee of 20 cents per call applies
• Calls to calling cards are charged at a timed rate.
• Monthly VIB account fee $10 Applies
• Pricing current as at 1/9/2012
• Calls to 1300 numbers are 35 cents per call