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New Line Connections PSTN - Rate sheet

Better Telecom New Line Connection Rates (PSTN)
Better Telecom has the ability to deliver installation of a PSTN service to your premises.

Instead of waiting on long hold times through our major competitors let your account manager personally project manage your installation from start to finish.

Local Calls and Monthly Rental

Connection Type Connection charge for first service Connection charge for each additional charge
Telephone line connection
A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a Telstra technician is not required to visit your business property or premises. This is often known as an in-place connection.
$59 $59
Telephone line connection with a technician visit
A telephone line was previously connected to your premises and it requires a technician to visit on site to complete the connection & testing.
$125 $75.50
Telephone line connection
(a) New telephone line connection - a telephone service has not previously been connected at your property or premises (although we may have previously installed cabling to your property or premises and you may be able to hear a dial tone); or

(b) Telephone line connection with a technician visit with cabling work a technician is required to visit your property or premises to install and/or work on the cabling up to the main distribution frame or first socket where no main distribution frame exists.
$299 $179
Special Note: All prices listed above are a guide only and may be subject to change without notice. The final pricing for installation is decided by Telstra Wholesale upon completion of installation and is passed through to Better Telecom. If additional labour is required then a charge of $35 for each 15 minute block (Mon-Fri 8am -5pm) or $50 (All other times and public holidays). All Prices INC GST.