BetterTelecom Australian Telecommunication Service Provider

If you need Internet whilst you are on the go then you need to connect with Better Telecom 4G MOBILE BROADBAND INTERNET service.

With Better Telecom 4G Mobile Broadband you will access super fast Internet connection speeds using the 4G Mobile network. You will be able to connect your laptop, iPad, Tablet Computer or Wifi access point to the Internet whilst you are outside your home or office.

Now with the recent upgrade to 4G from 3G, you will receive ultra fast data speeds of the 4G mobile network.

Montly Data Allowance
Better Telecom Standalone Pricing
Existing Better Telecom Customers
Mates MBB 1GB
Mates MBB 3GB
Mates MBB 5GB
Mates MBB 7GB
Mates MBB 10GB
Mates MBB 15GB
Excess Data charged at 5 cents per MB on all plans

What is the maximum speed of this connection?
The maximum speed that is achievable on this service is up to 15 Mbps in a 4G area and 7.2Mbps in a 3G area. Average downlink speed between 512 Kbps and 3.0Mbps and average uplink speed between 512Kbps and 1.5Mbps.

Will the service work if I am not in a 4G area?
You will still be able to use the service as long as you have reception from a 3G tower. Your connection will connect to the 3G service instead of 4G. The service will perform at 3G level and you will be able to use the service as normal.

What connection options are available?
The following connection options are available:

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Note : 
   •  Better Telecom standard terms and conditions apply.
   •  All pricing listed above include GST.
   •  Monthly access fee charged in advance.
   •  Pricing effective from 20/07/2015 for connections made after this time and subject to change at any time.
   •  Excess data charged at 5 cents per MB.
   •  Data is measured at 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes(MB).
   •  SMS messages sent using this service are 25 cents per message.
   •  Any unused data will be forfeited at the end of the calender month.
   •  24 month agreement applies. Early termination fee of $99 applies.
   •  Downloads & Uploads are counted towards included data amount.
   •  Service provided via the Optus 3G and Optus 4G networks.
   •  Bundled pricing available with any other Better Telecom landline or mobile on the same account.
   •  Usage monitoring can be tracked by logging into your account at
   •  Data Allowance Alerts can be set up to automaically notify when data usage has been exceeded.